Drug Product Contract Manufacturing (HPAPI handling)

We can serve you with formulation study, drug design, investigational drug manufacturing, and commercial manufacturing. We can also design oral disintegration tablets as well as conventional tablets using excipients such as our F-MELT®, Fujicalin®, and Neusilin®.


  • Small scale production feasible
  • Clinical drug and commercial manufacturing
  • Pilot units dedicated for HPAPI.
  • Manufacturing experience for both novel and generic drugs.
  • Design of drug products such as orally disintegrating tablets using Fuji’s unique excipients.
  • Can handle Category 4 APIs (OEL 10 ~ 1㎍ /㎥)


HPAPI Handling Equipment

Equipment # of lines Capacity/output Cleanliness Class
Granulator 25-200L 100,000
Tabletting Machine 100,000-200,000T/lot 100,000
Capsule filling machine 200,000-250,000 CP/lot 100,000
Coating machine 100,000-200,000T /lot 100,000
Blister packaging machine 100-300shot/m 100,000
Pillow packaging machine 20-60pack/m 300,000