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This page lists the products and services of Fuji Chemical Industries. Please feel free to send us an inquiry or sample request.


Neusilin® is a synthetic, amorphous form of magnesium aluminometasilicate. It is a multifunctional excipientthat can be used in both direct compression and wet granulation of solid dosage forms.


FujiSil™ is porous silicon dioxide that been designed as a superb inert carrier. It has remarkable flowing characteristics and adsorption property while attaining exceptional compressibility.

Currently under preparation.


F-MELT® is a proprietary co-spray dried excipient designed not only for manufacturing ODTs but is also an excellent excipient for soft chewable tablets.

Contract Services

Fuji is a reliable CMO which has spray drying experience of pharmaceutical products over 50 years offering one-stop service from API manufacturing to drug product at one site.



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