Contract Services

Fuji Chemical's contract manufacturing meets a wide range of needs, from API and drug product manufacturing to spray-drying that adds functionality to the drug.

API and Intermediate Manufacturing

  1. Organic Synthesis
    ・Animal study sample manufacturing
    ・Investigation Drug Manufacturing
    ・Commercial Manufacturing
    ・Able to handle various reactions such as Cryogenic reaction and hydrogenation.
    ・Milling with Round Mill, Atomizer or Turbo Screener.
    ・Route scouting suited for commercialization
    ・FDA and EMA inspection record.
  2. Inorganic Synbthesis

Spray Drying Processing with Organic Solvent Feed

  1. Dissolution enhancement of poorly soluble APIs.
    ・Formulation screening for solid dispersion
    ・Small quantity trial manufacturing (several grams)
    ・Investigational Drug Manufacturing (hundreds of grams to tens of kilograms.)
    ・Commercial manufacturing
  2. Particle engineering (inhalation/trans nasal)
  3. Bitterness Masking
  4. Solvent removal from a solvate.

Spray Drying processing with aqueous feed

  1. Excipient for probiotic applications
  2. Powder formulation for reconstitution
  3. Directly compressible excipient
  4. Compressibility improvement of powder
  5. Powder surface improvement
  6. Powderization of oily materials
  7. Manufacturing of exicipients for ODTs
  8. Particle engineering (inhalation/trans nasal)
  9. Bitterness masking of API

Drug Product (HPAPI handling)

  1. Tablet, capsule and powder.