Features of aqueous-feed spray dryers

Aqueous feed spray-dryer (water is used as a solvent) uses atmospheric air as a drying gas. It can control and engineer powder properties with adjustment of inlet and outlet air temperatures and/or selection of spraying system.

Improving powder property of an API

Improvement of physical attributes of APIsBy controlling the particle size, morphism, and bulk density of the spray dried powder, we provide the granules with excellent compressibility and tableting properties for your formulations.

Fuji responds to the various needs of customers, who require right particles, with their expertise based on many years of experience in spray-drying.



Powderizatin of oily actives

Powderization of oily APIs We have much experience in powderization of oily actives with our spray-drying technology. Our unique emulsion methodology and know-how on excipients enable us to manufacture powders containing high concentrations of oily actives without compromising the yield.




Excipient for direct compression (application in oral disintegration tablets)

Manufacturing of directly compressible excipientsBased on our know-how in spray-drying, we have developed a unique orally disintegrating tablet system called F-MELT®. By mixing F-MELT® with an API, you can design directly-compressible tablets.

In order to optimize the performance of orally disintegrating tablets, we can also propose formulations (adding another excipient in outer layer or choosing the best suited lubricant.)

If the API happen to be incompatible with F-MELT®, we can also customize the composition of F-MELT® to meet your needs.

Furthermore, if F-MELT and the API cannot be mixed, or to enhance the powder performance (blending, compressibility, disintegration, or dissolution), Fmelt ® and the API can be co-spray dried.

By spray-drying multiple raw materials specified by the customer, it is possible to produce powder suitable for direct compression of a specific drug substance.


Scale up

There are various sizes of spray dryers available at Fuji. They can serve you from small-scale study to commercial production. For open-type spray dryers for aqueous feed, we have more than 40 years of experience, and we can scale up from a small-scale study to commercial production in a short period of time.

Scale-up from the lab scale to commercial