Analytical Equipment

From raw material to the productrelease, Fuji is conducting strict testing under a global GMP-compliant management system to ensure the efficacy and safety of investigational drugs and APIs. We also provide services as analytical transfer and validation.

In order to establish a reliable quality assurance system, it is not enough to improve equipment and environment, and above all, it is important for all employees to be conscious of improving quality.

At Fuji Chemical Industries, in order to "contribute to people, the future and society," each and every employee is highly conscious of providing exceptional quality pharmaceutical products.

Analytical Equipment (excerpt)

  • HPLC
  • UPLC
  • Gas Chromatograph (GC)
  • FTIR
  • Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter (mDSC)
  • Thermogravimeter(DTA/TGA)
  • X-ray Diffractometer(XRD)
  • NMR 400 MHz (Compliant to investigation drug GMP)
  • ICP
  • LC / Mass Spectrometer
  • X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Ion Chromatograph (IC)
  • LLS Particle Size Distribution Instrument
  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC)
Various GMP compliant analytical instruments are available, and can quickly respond to the analytical transfer.